I Dream of Jeannie?

7 Aug

Photo Courtesy of TVFanatic.com

More like “I Nightmare of Jeannie”.  When I first saw this woman, I thought that she was wearing a Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie” halloween costume, but alas, she was just dressed up in her best for a baseball game.  While it can be very trendy to wear an outfit composed of all one color in varying shades, it does have to be executed properly. As seen on the left, Jayma Mays’ Emma from “Glee” looks wonderful in her all yellow ensemble.  “Jeannie”, however, failed to pull of her look.  Everything about it is all wrong.

Her Snooki pouf would only be appropriate if she plans on attending a “Jersey Shore” themed party, and her outfit and bottle blonde hair make her look like a Barbie doll.  But I’m not sure if Mattel has made a 40ish year old, orange skinned, fashionably challenged Barbie.  All I can say is thank goodness that we can only see the top of her outfit.


7 Aug

Oh really?!  Is this really how you meet your fans, Alex Ovechkin?  Hopefully, the fact that this is only a photo of Ovechkin’s bottom half means that he was wearing a more fashionable shirt.  Or maybe Alex has been in his Capitals uniform too long and he doesn’t remember how to dress in his casual civvies?  Either way this outfit is completely tranny.  It just doesn’t make any sense.  For example, what’s the point of wearing distressed jeans with holes in them AND patches?  Why not just put patches on the whole outfit?  And while I love outside when outfits have use outside seams as a detail, the aesthetic doesn’t really translate to denim.  Also, the lighter wash in between the outside seams appears to be reminiscent of a tuxedo pant, and I don’t even know what to think about that.

Now that I have fully analyzed the heinous-ity of Ovechkin’s jeans, we can discuss his footwear.  But honestly, what can really be said about his sandals?  Personally, I’m not a really big fan of sandals or flip-flops on men, and the only man I know of who can really pull it off is Alexander Skarsgard.  Sorry, Ovie but you’re no ASkars.   

Camo Chameleon

12 Jan

Brown and green, too much brown and green. This guy has on head to toe camo, all the way down to his feet. Not only are crocs one of the most heinous forms of footwear in existence, but this guy has to make it worse by wearing white socks (he could have at least kept with the camo theme in that department). All of this camo is just too much. It has been completely over done. One item would be okay if he were going for a military inspired look, but this is totally over the top. A look like this only belongs on the battlefield, but it this case it made the wearer look like a battlefield.

I Think I’m Seeing Double

12 Jan

Photo Courtesy of EverydayMinerals.com

Either I did see Jay Leno at the train station or this guy just looks a lot like him.  I think it’s more likely that it was the latter.  In case you couldn’t tell, Jay is on the right.  But the man of the left could easily be his celebrity look alike.  Even though his face is blurry, the denim ensemble and white hair make him look as if he could be Jay Leno’s twin.

Recently, this denim on denim look has come back in style, but it does take a certain something to be able to pull it off.  In my opinion, neither gentleman executes the look very well.  I would give the man on the left props for trying to be trendy, but I can’t bring myself to do so.  Sorry Jay Leno impersonator, but the jury’s out, and the verdict is tranny.

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

12 Jan

Which means it’s time to grab your favorite pair of overalls with detachable jacket. While there are a multitude of things wrong with this outfit, let’s begin with the obvious.

1) Overalls are only appropriate for little girls, farm hands, mechanics, and painters.
2) If for some horrible, apocalyptic reason all of your clothes have spontaneously combusted, and all you are left with is this pair of overalls, you would look better wearing a burlap sack. These are not just overalls, they are overalls with detachable sleeves. The wearer would have been best off not wearing this at all, or at least wearing overalls with a long sleeve thermal underneath, and roll up the sleeves if he was warm. Or, if he wanted a jacket, he could just wear an actual jacket!

In short, this outfit is totally tranny, and the wearer would have been much better off simply wearing jeans and a jacket.

Confused Crocs

17 Oct

Two Tone clothes might be in, but I don’t know if shoes have hit that market yet. But at least this wearer is taking a daring take on fashion. You go girl!

Ed Hardy, More Like Ed “Heiny”

17 Oct

Tattoo artist gone fashion designer equals total disaster. No one should be caught dead wearing something as tranny as this (cough cough Jon Gosselin). As if the belt is bad enough, the wearer of this ensemble had to add a clutch.


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